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When it comes to soft toys, Jellycat is a name that needs no introduction. With their irresistibly cuddly designs and high-quality craftsmanship, Jellycat has been capturing the hearts of millions across the globe since they were first established in 1999 - children and adults alike! 

As a super versatile brand, Jellycat understands that fun, quirky soft toys are not just for kids and they offer a wide range of products that cater to all ages. In this blog, we will break down Jellycat products based on age groups and highlight suitable options for everyone. Get ready to find some must-have additions for your Jellycat collection!

Jellycat for Infants: Soft and Safe Companions

For the littlest of little ones in your life, Jellycat offers a delightful selection of soft toys that are not only adorable but also safe, making them ideal baby gifts. From colourful baby comforters to the cuddly Bashful Bunny, these toys are designed to be soft and gentle - perfect for soothing and comforting infants. 

Jellycat Bashful Bunny

For a more stimulating sensory experience, Jellycat activity toys and sensory books will provide hours of creative exploration. With their vibrant colours and different textures, these Jellycat toys stimulate the senses and promote sensory development. Perfect for your growing little one! 

Toddlers: Fun Friends and Wild Stories

As children grow, their curiosity and imagination blossom. Jellycat understands this and offers a range of entertaining toys that are perfect for toddlers. Toys like the playful Bashful Monkey are sure to spark joy and creativity, providing endless hours of imaginative play. 

Jellycat books are also a great choice for toddlers as they can help engage their minds and develop their reading skills. Jellycat books take you on a wonderful journey, following charming tales with vibrant pictures and extravagant characters. Perfect for an evening story time before bed! 

Older Children: Whimsical and Imaginative Jellycat Playmates

As children enter their school years, their love for soft toys doesn't need to fade away. Jellycat recognises this and offers a collection of whimsical characters that older children will adore. The Bashful Lion and other fun characters like the Jellycat wolf can become loyal companions in imaginative play. 

Jellycat Nessa Nessie

Or, if your child is simply looking for a snuggly, fluffy friend to help them wind down after a hard day at school, characters like Bartholomew Bear can help. 

Whether they're creating elaborate storylines or simply cuddling up with their favourite Jellycat friend, older children will find endless joy in these enchanting toys.

Adults: Quirky and Comforting Collectibles

Who says soft toys are just for kids? Jellycat has a range of options that are perfect for adults too. Whether you're a dedicated Jellycat collector or simply looking for something fun and imaginative to add to your home, Jellycat has got you covered.

For the grown up that doesn't want to grow up, why not start your collection with one of the cute, kooky Jellycat Amuseables? From squishy plant pots and footballs, to cheeky cakes and coffee cups, characters in the Jellycat Amuseable Objects will add a touch of fun to your home while keeping a classy feel. 

Jellycat Wedding Cake

Or, why not treat yourself to your very own cuddly companion? After all, Jellycat toys have no age limit! The super cute Jellycat Yummy Bunny is perfect for snuggles after a busy week at work.

Shop Jellycat at Brodie Countryfare

With Jellycat, age is just a number. Their versatile range of soft toys caters to all ages, from infants to adults. Whether you're looking for a safe, squishy companions for your little one or a fun collectible for yourself, Jellycat has the perfect toy for you. So, why limit yourself to age-specific toys when you can experiences the joy and magic of Jellycat at any age?

Explore the world of Jellycat and let their adorable creations bring a sense of wonder and delight to your life. Buy now, right here at Brodie Countryfare!


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